Many people have children without getting married. As long as the parents have a good relationship, the child can receive the love and support he or she needs from both parents. Unfortunately, if the relationship ends, the child can suffer.

            At the Walsh Law Group, PLLC, our lawyers represent unmarried fathers and mothers who have disputes over issues such as child support, child custody and placement, health insurance responsibility, and use of the child for purposes of federal and state income tax dependency exemption.

            The first step in resolving a dispute involving children born out of wedlock, where there is no acknowledgement of paternity filed with the state, is to file a paternity action.

            A paternity action is a legal proceeding to establish the father of a child born out of wedlock. If either side contests who the father is, the court will order to have genetic tests completed.  If both parents agree to who the father is and an acknowledgement of paternity can be filed with the state of Idaho and no DNA test will be necessary.

            Once the court paternity is established the mother may have the right to obtain child support and the father may have the right to be involved in the child's life and be granted custody and visitation. The following are examples of the types of issues our attorneys can handle in your case:

oooooo Establishment of child support orders
oooooo Modification or enforcement of existing child support orders
oooooo Establishment of child custody and visitation
oooooo Modification of child custody and placement
oooooo Relocation of a custodial parent
oooooo Responsibility for health insurance for the minor child
oooooo Use of the child as a dependency exemption and/or qualifying child credit for federal and state income tax filing purposes

            Take the first step to ensure your child receives the love and support that he or she needs.