ooooooWelcome to the Walsh Law Group.  The firm’s lawyers have nearly three decades of combined experience in handling criminal defense litigation and family law cases. You are likely visiting our site because you have some interest in learning more about the firm, and we thank you for your interest. We hope the review of this site will provide you with an informed understanding of who we are and a better appreciation of what we can do to help you meet your legal objectives and needs.

000000Much of the information on this site describes our services, our attorneys, and our experience. Equally as important to our delivery of legal services and the substance of what we provide to our clients are the intangible qualities that are nearly impossible to explain on a website. We are an innovative firm, passionate in our dedication to our clients. We are persistent in our commitment to our core values of integrity, initiative and impact—values that have been essential components of the rewarding relationships we have forged with our clients long before the formation of the Walsh Law Group PLLC.

ooooooOur firm is based on a commitment to ensuring quality customer service to our clients. Our background in law and business has shown us the importance of listening to our clients and addressing their concerns; it is this fidelity to client services that serves as the backbone of the firm.

ooooooWhether you have been charged with a serious criminal offense or are working through a difficult family law matter, you can feel confident in our firm's ability to protect your interests. We are a firm who prepares every case as if it were going to trial. Yet, we will diligently pursue every available option in an effort to secure the best available outcome on your behalf.