Theft, Shoplifting, Burglary and Other Property Crimes

ooooooTheft, Shoplifting and Burglary are known as property crimes.  Even a simple misdemeanor theft with no jail time can have serious consequences. In today’s economy, theft charges can make it difficult to get a job.

ooooooProsecutors can try to charge you with felony burglary if they believe that you had criminal intent before you entered a building or a car where the theft occurred.

ooooooOur lawyers are here to help.  We have handled a wide range of theft, shoplifting, and burglary cases, including:

000000 Misdemeanor Petit Theft
000000 Felony Grand Theft
000000 Shoplifting / Retail Theft
000000 Receiving Stolen Property
000000 Embezzlement and false pretenses;
000000 Theft by Deception / Extortion; or
000000 Robbery.
000000 Burglary
000000 Trespassing
000000 Vandalism and malicious injury to property