If you have been charged with any type of drug crime, you are facing serious criminal penalties. Even for a first-time offender, drug crime charges can carry extreme consequences. With the help of a competent and experienced legal professional, you can maximize your chances of getting charges reduced or dismissed.

If you or a loved one has been charged with any type of drug crime, you should contact a Coeur d’Alene Idaho drug crime lawyer.  Our attorneys have defended every type of drug crime, from simple possession, to manufacturing, delivering, and trafficking.

The amount and type of drug you are accused of possessing, selling, trafficking or intending to sell can be a huge factor in the type of sentencing that you might face. Drug crime convictions can result in a wide range of penalties, including:

000000 Fines
000000 Incarceration
000000 Community service
000000 Drug abuse treatment programs
000000 Ineligibility for Student Loans, Small Business Loans, and certain Mortgages
000000 Loss of Firearm Rights

An effective defense will mean fighting to make sure the charges are minimized and your rights are protected.  Your lawyer will need experience and determination to stand up and fight aggressively.

We have experience defending clients facing charges connected with all types of drugs and related charges ranging from possession, manufacturing, delivery, and trafficking of the following drugs and crimes:

000000 Marijuana
000000 Heroin
000000 Methamphetamine
000000 Cocaine
000000 Ecstasy and Acid/hallucinogens
000000 Prescription Drugs
000000 Possession of illegal drug paraphernalia
000000 Asset forfeiture
000000 Juvenile drug offenses
000000 Driving under the influence of drugs, DUI defense

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