"You owe it to yourself to do it right." 


ooooooGetting divorced may be a highly personal, emotionally charged, and complex experience.  Knowing what to expect can help ease the stress and create a sense of security at a time when the future seems most uncertain.

ooooooHaving experienced legal representation is necessary to navigate the complex process of divorce or legal separation in Idaho.  The Walsh Law Group, PLLC, offers the skill and knowledge to handle even the most complex and contentious divorces.

ooooooWe will walk you through the procedures for initiating divorce or pursuing a formal legal separation in Idaho. We will also explain all steps in the divorce process so that you can prepare yourself and make informed decisions at each stage along the way. Our attorneys are well-versed in family law matters and collateral issues including, but not limited to, the following:

oooooo The role of mediation even in complex and high-conflict divorce cases
oooooo Temporary orders for custody, support, marital property and debt management
oooooo All facets of property division and community property disputes
oooooo All matters of custody, visitation, and child support
oooooo Spousal support

oooooo Domestic violence restraining orders
oooooo Post-divorce modifications of court orders

            Once an action for divorce commences, either party can request temporary assistance from the court.  The request may be for temporary orders for custody and child support, spousal support, payment of community debts, and/or for other temporary relief necessary based on the circumstances of your divorce.

            Additionally, Idaho’s family laws have the express underlying policy of ensuring a equitable division of community property and fair and an equitable award of child support. To effect its equitable policy, the law requires the parties to a divorce action to exchange certain disclosures regarding, income and expenses along with the necessary supporting documents.  These documents are mandatory and must be completed truthfully and accurately.  Our family law attorneys diligently help clients prepare these documents, conduct the discovery necessary to obtain an accurate and comprehensive picture of the marital estates of our clients, and carefully scrutinize the documents produced by opposing parties to ensure that the court receives an accurate depiction of the entire martial estate.

ooooooTherefore, it helps to have counsel advise and assist you while navigating the legal stages of a divorce.  Our firm will ensure your divorce — whether contested or uncontested — conforms to Idaho’s legal requirements and comports with the rights and obligations imposed under the law.

ooooooWe know you have many questions, anxieties, and specific concerns. Our legal team strives to build relationships with clients based on trust and open communication.  We invite you to arrange a confidential consultation with one of our experienced family law attorneys.