"Your child’s emotional and financial interests should be protected."


            Often most parents who pay child support feel they pay too much and the parents who receive child support rarely believe it is enough for the children. At the Walsh Law Group, PLLC, our priority is to reach a fair and equitable child support amount based on Idaho laws.

            From the beginning of your case, our firm emphasizes that child support is for your children. It is not a means to gain revenge or inflict undue financial pain on the other parent.

            In Idaho monthly child support payments are determined based on the Idaho Child Support Guidelines.  To calculate an amount of child support, the court usually relies on the Guidelines to determine the combined monthly parental gross income, the number of children for who support is needed, the amount paid for the children’s health care, and other related factors that impact raising children. The children’s monthly obligations are divided between the parents based on the parent’s combined gross income and the other mentioned factors to determine what amount will be paid to assist in raising the children.  In instances where the combined parental gross income exceeds the levels provided in the guidelines, the court may exercise its judicial discretion in determining the amount of child support.  Alternatively, in cases where one parent has no income the court may assign an income to that person as each parent has a legal responsibility to care for their children. 

             Regardless of the choices parents may make regarding custody and support, the court will rely on the Guidelines to determine what is equitable for the children.  Although the formula provided under Idaho’s lawsprovides the framework for child support, each case has unique circumstances that may impact the final structure of the actual support paid.  Thus, our job is to help you determine what information is necessary and the best way to collect the information.


            Substantial and material changes in a parent’s circumstances may call for changes in your child support arrangement.  A significant and long-term change in income, a health care crisis and/or other life-changing events can be cause for changing the child support order.

            We can also help you with issues of temporary child support while your case is in process.

            Our attorneys can evaluate your situation and help you determine if a modification is appropriate and likely to be approved by the court.