Sex Crimes

ooooooSex crime charges can result in prison time, estrangement from family and friends, job loss, and the destruction of your reputation. Regardless of who you are, these accusations alone can destroy your life. Often times these charges will be brought without any physical evidence, and even if you are innocent the consequences can be tremendous.

ooooooDefending those accused of sex offenses requires a great deal of knowledge and experience with complex issues, expert witnesses and a large body of research on the investigation of sexual assault allegations. Defending against false allegations, or mitigating the effects of true allegations, requires an attorney with experience, and an understanding of the research and literature in these areas. Our lawyers have the combination of experience, skills, and reputation that you need on your side.

000000 Rape
000000 Statutory Rape
000000 Child Molestation / Lewd Conduct / Child Sex Abuse
000000 Battery with Intent to Commit Rape
000000 Child Pornography / Video Voyeurism
000000 Prostitution / Solicitation of a Prostitute
000000 Indecent Exposure
000000 Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
000000 Child enticement

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